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There aren't too many towns that celebrate pirate legends. Tampa, however, annually recognizes the antics of the legendary buccaneer José Gaspar (Gasparilla) and turns the legend into a festival extravaganza that is one of the year's most anticipated events.


History of the Festival

Since 1904, the people of Tampa have been reenacting the actions of Gaspar, a supposed Spanish pirate captain who operated upon the waters of Southwest Florida. Each year, Gasparilla and his Mystic Krewe "invade" Tampa, coming ashore and causing lots of merriment as events associated with the festival unwind.  Full article:  Gasparilla


Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

Situated on the banks of the Hillsborough River, the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (TBPAC) has been thrilling culture-seekers since its opening in 1987. The largest performing arts center south of Washington D.C.'s Kennedy Center, TBPAC hosts a huge variety of events on its nine-acre campus and has welcomed more than 10 million audience members during its 20+-year history.  Full article:  Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center


Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

One of Florida's premiere science museums, designed for all ages to enjoy, Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry – better known as MOSI – has been entertaining crowds since its opening in 1982.   Full article: Tampa MOSI



Vacation in Tampa

Florida’s fastest growing Gulf Coast city and one of the state’s most popular holiday destinations, the Tampa Bay area attracts a number of different kinds of vacationers – from those searching for a relaxing week in the sunshine to individuals who enjoy a vacation full of history and sightseeing to the sports fanatic who comes to the area in search of a good game or two.  Full article:  Vacation in Tampa



What's new at Busch Gardens

Each year, America's theme parks get bigger and better and do whatever they can to keep up with each other. Tampa's Busch Gardens is no exception, making changes and additions each year to attract more and different visitors to this African-themed park.   Full article:  What's new at Busch Gardens